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Dream #38325

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Nov. 13th, 2011 | 02:46 am

I've realized this is the first time i've ever truly loved someone, but who knows,

i've probably said that before.

I had a dream one night. Him and i were sitting on an isolated beach, surrounded by big mountains of rolling green. the tops of the mountains poked through a thick veil of fog that colored the sky gray, or desaturated the color of the sky.

i'm not really sure which.

it gently and listlessly floated and drifted about, creating a strange sense of atmosphere... or maybe that there was no atmosphere. 

We just sat next to each other and watched the waves.

i could almost hear the silence, or, maybe, the silence was deafening. It's hard to say. the only sound I could hear was a faint ringing in my ears.

so I guess silence has a sound.

They were massive, these waves. The size of the waves made the size of body feel insignificant. Yet they were calm. The waves never broke at the shore, never crashed, but just grew. and we just sat and watched. We didn't touch each other, we didn't look at each other, we said nothing to one another, but just existed there on that sand.

We just sat there

and as the waves grew bigger, we dug our toes deeper

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