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(no subject)

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Dec. 7th, 2011 | 11:25 pm

"All the times you said this was broken
and we should quit, you were right.
Glue it with gifts and it's still
ugly with cracks"

I can only imagine how it felt. To rip out the memory of me. I imagine the sound it made as you ripped the pages from its spine. the punctual hhhushhht silencing the tears that bled down your face. You ripped out the memory of me and watched it fall into a trashcan. You rearranged your room. I stood in the doorway, imagining you on the bed with another girl, and peered into a new room that didn't have our picture on the wall. I sat on your bed, fitted with new sheets, and missed our stains. I sat on your bed - the bed i've had my worst nightmares on only to wake up and cry on your sleeping shoulder thankful you were still there - and noticed the empty spaces on the wall. The stiff fibers of your new sheets made me miss the feeling of your skin as you held my head in your hands and told me how the corners of my mouth were your favorite because they make the most beautiful smiles. I sat on your bed and envisioned you laying there, all tattered and beautiful, eyes pulsating with disappointment, begging me to stay when I threatened to leave. I sat and looked at the dent in the wall the remote left when i actually did. I can only imagine how it felt. do you remember me?"

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