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May. 31st, 2012 | 11:39 am

Last night, the existence of your body next to mine felt like a miracle. I placed my head in the dip of your chest and listened to the sound of a heart that's never been broken. I felt your eyes watching me as my body writhed around, singing its soul's silences. My soul stretched itself out toward your gaze, which pierced deeper into me than anyone has ever seen. My soul rushed to you with such ferocity and determination, attempting to free itself of skin's imprisonment. Burning my skin, flushing the flesh with a passion that stained my cheeks red, my soul sang out to you. I fell into your eyes, a blue abyss that held me steady as you searched the heart of my heart, which has always palmed its cards until now. Until you. Until your eyes dug its teeth and nails into me, uncovering and undressing me, leaving me naked as I bore my soul. Your eyes were set upon me, searching and knowing, as my skin burned and my heart throbbed. 

I couldn't sleep tonight because I was afraid to dream. It wouldn't have been the dream of your blue eyes plunging into mine and grabbing hold of my heart. It wouldn't have been a dream of the most radiant blue depths that promised me forever. It wouldn't have been as silent. I fear... that if I close my eyes, you will too. 

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